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Οδηγός Αγοράς για Μέγγενες

Buying Guide for Vices

A vise is a mechanical device used to hold an object in place to allow work to be performed on it. Vices have two parallel jaws, usually one fixed and the other movable.

They are divided into the following categories:

Made by Pangou

THE bench vise is the most common and simple class of vise. They are usually mounted on workbenches and their main function is to hold the workpiece securely.

Born in Drapano

The drill vises they are designed to hold workpieces firmly between their jaws so that they do not move at all when the drill is driven into them. They are designed to withstand vertical forces.

Milling vise

The vices milling cutters are designed primarily for machine tool machining due to their robust construction. Milling applies large lateral forces to a workpiece as the tool moves along the material, unlike drilling, where the drill only moves perpendicular to it. The jaws of a machine vise are made of hardened steel that can withstand the force of cutting, and its body is made of high-strength cast iron that provides greater strength and, above all, rigidity during the machining process.

Precision Milling Machine

The precision vises they are ground to hold delicate parts and allow for precise adjustment of clamping pressure. Having this precise clamping pressure is ideal for small parts or if you need to orient the workpiece in a specific way. Because they have high dimensional accuracy, parallelism and verticality, they can work together in pairs or even more.

sine table

They are also usually used in combination with sine tables for precise angle machining.

CNC vise

A CNC vise are also rectified . Unlike a standard vise, it does not have traditional flanges used to screw it to the table. Each side is perpendicular to the next. This allows the vise to be placed on its side, end or bottom. Another feature of them is the removable jaws that can be replaced.

EDM INOX EDM machine

The EDM vises are used to hold pieces during electroerosion.

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