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Free shipping over €50 - Same day shipping for orders by 4:30pm

1508 - Cleaner for measuring surfaces

by Ultra
Κωδικός Size type Τιμή ** Στοκ
1508101 5 liters Cleaning liquid €128,00 1 διαθέσιμo
1508102 1 liter Cleaning liquid €38,40 4 διαθέσιμα
1508202 400g Protection Oil €55,90 2 διαθέσιμα

Τιμές χωρίς ΦΠΑ 24%

  • Fluids specifically for cleaning granite slabs.
  • The protective oil is absorbed by the natural porosity of the granite without creating thickness, facilitating sliding, reducing surface wear and thus ensuring a longer life.

It is important that the application plate is cleaned with a special cleaner because any residue, dirt or oil on the surface can affect its accuracy. Even small particles can cause scratches or bumps on the surface, which can affect the measurements.

Special cleaners are designed to effectively remove any contaminants on the plate surface without damaging its highly polished surface. These cleaners are usually non-abrasive and free of chemicals that could cause damage or corrosion.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of surface plates is essential to ensure their accuracy and longevity. Using a special cleaner specifically designed for surface plates is an important part of this maintenance process as it helps keep the plate in optimal condition and avoid any errors or inaccuracies in the readings taken on it.