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Free shipping over €50 - Same day shipping for orders by 4:30pm

PCE-IR 100 - Penetration and Infrared Food Thermometer 220°C

by Pce
Κωδικός Range Distance ratio Accuracy Τιμή ** Στοκ
PCE-IR 100 220 °C 2.5:1 1.5 % €108,00 2 διαθέσιμα

Τιμές χωρίς ΦΠΑ 24%

Non-contact measurement with infrared sensor
Temperature range -33 ... 220ºC / -27 ... 428ºF 
Reading 0.2ºC / 0.36 ºF

-33 ... 0 ºC / -27.4...32ºF: ± 1ºC / 1.8ºF + 0.1 / degrees

0 ... 65ºC / 32 ... 149ºF: ± 1 ºC / 1.8 ºF

65 ... 200ºC / 149 ... 392ºF: ± 1.5% of reading

Response time < 500 ms
Wave length 8 ... 14 µm
Emissivity Adjustable in 0.1 ... 1.0 intervals (default is 0.95 - ideal for food)
Distance ratio Field of View (FOV) = 2.5:1
Minimum diameter of the measuring point 11.5mm/ 0.44in

Contact measurement with K-type thermocouple

Temperature range -55...330ºC / -67...626ºF
Reading ºF
Accuracy Below -5ºC / 23ºF: ± ºF
Response time 7 ... 8 seconds
Sensor dimensions Diameter:
Sensor type Thermal element (Type-K)

General characteristics

Repeatability Within the accuracy of the device
Operations Max / Min / Lock
Operating temperature 0...50 ºC / 32...122 ºF
Dimensions (with battery) 190 x 22 x 38mm / 7.48 x 0.87 x 1.5in
Power 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Operating time About 40 hours of continuous use
Measuring point lighting LEDs
Keep values ​​on screen 15 seconds
Display 4 seats
Waterproofing IP 65 (Waterproof)

Food thermometer PCE-IR 100 (HACCP)

Infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement of food, raw food, chilled or to determine the temperature of the core (with the folding penetration sensor) / the thermometer complies with the HACCP standard

Food Thermometer Information

Temperature plays an important role in the storage and transportation of perishable foods. The digital food thermometer from PCE Instruments is a retractable penetration probe infrared thermometer specially designed to quickly and efficiently check the temperature on the surface and core of food. With the help of an infrared thermometer, the user can perform a simple quality control of food products and check whether the handling complies with the HACCP standard. The concept of HACCP quality (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) has been created to prevent hygiene risks during the production and handling of food and ensures the quality, safety and shelf life of food.

The user-friendly food thermometer combines contact and non-contact temperature measurement in one device.

Checking the core temperature of food with an infrared food thermometer.

The wide measurement range for determining core temperature using a penetration probe is between -55 and +330 degrees Celsius. During non-contact infrared measurement, the food thermometer registers temperatures between -33 and +220 degrees Celsius, with a response time of less than 500 ms. The readings on the LCD display are quite legible. Colored LEDs below the display indicate whether the detected temperature meets HACCP requirements. The preheating, heat preservation and cooling processes can be monitored thanks to the permanent measurement function of the infrared food thermometer. In addition, the food thermometer allows the display of maximum and minimum measurement values ​​at the touch of a button with the additional ability to change the unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Even under difficult measurement conditions, the PCE-100 IR ensures maximum reliability and accurate results.


Food business operators are required to comply with cold chain maintenance and record the temperature of food products under the circumstances. The PCE Instruments food thermometer is universally applicable and can be an ideal companion for food processors, service specialists and food inspectors. Application of infrared food thermometer in the butcher shop.

In a simple and effective way, it allows the user to determine if the temperature of the food is within the HACCP limits. According to the HACCP directive, compliance with a temperature range below 4ºC and above 60ºC is considered an important benchmark to avoid the growth and proliferation of micro-organisms harmful to health. The food thermometer is ideal for reliable instant analysis, has versatile applications and is easy to use. The waterproof housing allows easy cleaning of the thermometer. Thanks to its easy handling, the food thermometer is ideal for determining the temperature of food within seconds. Its easy-to-use and robust design makes it possible to use the food thermometer anytime and anywhere.

General characteristics

- Non-contact and contact temperature measurement in one instrument
- Wide measurement range
- Suitable for use in the food industry in compliance with HACCP
- Adjustable emission factor (preset value for food)
- Short response time
- HOLD, MIN, MAX functions
- Continuous measurement function
- ISO calibration (can be confirmed by Dakks) (thermometers are delivered calibrated)
- Waterproof (washable casing)

Measurement functions

The infrared food thermometer combines non-contact (scanning) surface measurement and core temperature measurement in one measuring device. This provides the first, quick overview of the temperature situation as well as the reduction of the infrared measurement due to the values ​​obtained from the integrated penetration sensor (sample). Particularly noteworthy is the built-in continuous measurement function. Temperature-time sequences can therefore be monitored, e.g. preheating, maintenance and cooling procedures.

HACCP rules have been established to ensure consistent product quality and the avoidance of hazardous hygiene conditions. When measuring temperature with the PCE-IR100 food thermometer, the integrated measuring point illumination shows exactly the area on the surface of the measuring object detected by the thermometer. Thus, false readings are reliably excluded.

- Ideal for use in food processing, food inspection, food safety, food quality control, food preparation and food catering applications
- Compliance with HACCP standard
- The sensor folds into the unit for convenient storage
- Accurately covers a wide range of measurements
- Fast response time
- MIN, MAX, LOCK functions
- Allows continuous measurement over a period of time

- Easy to use: LEDs indicate temperatures below 4ºC / 39.2ºF, temperatures between 4ºC / 39.2ºF and 60ºC / 140ºF, and temperatures above 60ºC / 140ºF

***CAUTION*** Our temperature sensors are designed for industrial and laboratory surface temperature measurement ONLY. They are not designed or certified for measuring body temperature or for medical use.

Package contents

1 x PCE-IR 100 Non-Contact Infrared Food Thermometer with Type K Penetration Sensor
2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
1 x User Manual